Gyaneshwari 324

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Divine Manifestation

In this way, O King, Arjuna became fit for the experience of Brahman. When Sanjaya was narrating all this, king Dhritarashtra was sitting quiet. Sanjaya felt sore at heart, seeing him in that state and said to himself, “Is it not amazing that one should miss what good luck has brought him? I had thought that at least he possessed sound intelligence. But it is not so, he is blind no less inwardly as outwardly.” Arjuna, however is trying to achieve the full measure of his good fortune, for there sprang in his heart another ardent desire (326-330).

He said, “ I have realised now that you are this entire universe, but I long to perceive it with my own eyes.” As Arjuna was fortune’s favourite, he could hope to see the cosmic form of the Lord. O hearers, Arjuna was as it were, a branch of the wish-yielding tree which could never produce barren flowers. For whatever came out of his lips was accomplished by the Lord. For he had Lord Krishna as his great Master, who himself became poison at the bidding of Prahlada. So Jnanadeva, the disciple of Nivritti, says, I shall next narrate to you how Arjuna will proceed to ask the Lord, to show him his universal form (331-335).