Gyaneshwari 287

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

31. Fix your mind on Me, be devoted to Me: sacrifice to Me and prostrate yourself before Me. You shall surely come to Me by practicing Yoga, with Me as your Supreme goal. Fix your mind on Me and develop a liking for My worship and bow to all, knowing that I dwell in them. He, who destroys his desires, fixing his mind on Me, is said to be My devotee. When you are endowed with this Yoga, you will attain to My being. I have told you this secret of my heart. By knowing this secret, which I have kept concealed from all others, you will be filled with happiness.

Sanjaya said, “In this way, Lord Krishna of light complexion, who fulfils the desires of his devotees like the wish-yielding tree, instructed Arjuna, listen, all of you. But the old king remained as quiet as the buffalo, which remains seated in the river even when it is in floods. Then Sanjaya, nodding his head, said to himself, ‘We are having a shower of nectar here, but this old king is sitting as if he is in a different town. But he is the provider of food to us and so I do not wish to pollute my speech by talking ill of him. But what can I do? He is made that way. But how lucky I am that the great sage Vyasa entrusted this work to me’ (521-525).

When he was brooding thus in his mind, he could not control the eight emotional states, which surged in his mind. His mind which was immersed in the conversation became steady, his speech stopped at that very spot and his body was thrilled from top to toe. Tears of joy began to flow from his half-shut eyes and he felt tremors in his body arising out of inner joy. As spotless drops of sweat flowed from his pores, he looked as if he was wearing a necklace of pearls. He lost his body consciousness in this flood of great joy and it became impossible for him to discharge the task entrusted to him by sage Vyasa (526-530), But just then the ringing voice of Lord Krishna entered his ears and he came to his senses. Then he wiped off his tears and sweat and spoke to Dhritarashtra, ‘O King, listen’. Now the seed of Lord Krishna’s speech was fertilized by the pure emotional states of Sanjaya and so the hearers will receive a harvest of philosophical truths. If you give the scantiest attention to this conversation, you will become overjoyed. For, fortune has become favorable to the organs of hearing today. And so, Krishna, the Lord of all perfected beings, will relate the manifestations of God. Jnanadeva, the disciple of Nivrittinatha says, ‘Now listen to that story’ (531-535).