Gyaneshwari 278

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

26. I am the same to all beings; none is hateful or dear to Me, but those who worship Me with devotion, they are in Me and I am in them. If you ask Me what I am, I am ever the same to all beings, without distinction between My own and another’s devotee, but those who know Me thus, breaking the bond of egoism and worship Me wholeheartedly in thought and deed, they do not remain in their bodies, even though they appear to do so. But they abide in My being, and I abide in them. Just as an expanding banyan tree is contained in its small seed, which has itself sprung from a banyan tree (406-410),

that is the bond between us. We differ outwardly in name only, but in truth, if we consider their inner state, they and I are one. Their assumption of a body is as empty and meaningless, as the wearing of borrowed ornaments by a lady. Their body lasts till the end of their life span, as a flower deprived of its fragrance by a breeze remains on its stalk. With his self-sense being entirely merged in My being, he has entered My Divine eternal Self.