Gyaneshwari 277

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

24. Whatever you do, whatever you eat, sacrifice or give, whatever penance you do, O Arjuna, offer that to Me.Whatever work you do or whatever things you enjoy, whatever you offer in sacrifices of various kinds, whatever gifts you give to eligible persons or servants, or whatever penance you practice or vows you observe, whatever things that you do in the natural course of your life, you offer them to Me with love (396-400).

But do not keep any remembrance of whatever you do and so cleansing your deeds thus, you dedicate them to Me.

25. Then you shall be free from the bonds of good or bad deeds. Then if you remain intent on Yoga of renunciation, you will come to Me.Just as the seed roasted in fire does not sprout, so all actions dedicated to Me do not fructify and bind. Otherwise if an action has to bear fruit in the form of pleasure and pain, then one has to take recourse to a body to expiate it. If that action is surrendered to Me, he escapes rebirth and along with it the trials and tribulations of life. Therefore, lest you should lose time by deferring the action till the morrow, I have disclosed to you this simple way of renunciation (401-405).

You should not, therefore, fall into this bondage to the body, or immerse yourself in the sea of pleasure and pain, but by resorting to this path merge yourself in My blissful being.