Gyaneshwari 276

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

23. Whoever offers Me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, I enjoy that offering made with devotion, by a pure soul. When a devotee offers Me a fruit of any tree out of unbounded love and joy, then I clasp it with both hands and swallow it, stalk and all. If he offers Me a flower as a token of his devotion and love, I should smell it, but I thrust it into My mouth and relish it, and why talk of a flower, even if a leaf, fresh or dry of any tree (381-385),

is offered to Me out of deepest love, I enjoy it with as much pleasure as a hungry person experiences with a drink of nectar. But if, perchance, it happens that one does not find even a leaf, there should be no difficulty in getting water at any place. It can be had for nothing anywhere, and if he procures and offers it to Me as his all, I appreciate it as though he has built for Me big temples, grander than Vaikunth or offered to Me gems more sparkling than the Kaustubha, or has made for Me abundant beds as fascinating as the Milky Ocean (386-390),

or he has burnt before Me incense-sticks of sandalwood and camphor as big as the Meru Mountain, or made for Me a row of wick-lamps as lustrous as the sun, or has provided Me with vehicles like Garuda, gardens of wish-yielding trees or herds of wish-yielding cows; or has served Me dainties more delicious than nectar. I am so pleased with a drop of water offered to Me by My devotees what more need I say, O Arjuna? You have seen with your own eyes that I untied the knots of the bag containing parched rice brought by Sudama. I recognize only devotion and make no distinction between high and low. I prize beyond all thing, only devotion and love from My devotee (391-395).

After all, a flower, or fruit is a mere token of devotion, which is of no avail without deep love for Me. O Arjuna, listen, there is a simple way to acquire it; have trust in Me and establish Me in the shrine of your mind.