Gyaneshwari 273

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

22. Those who take vows of deities go to the deities; those who take the vows of forefathers go to the forefathers, those who worship the spirits go to the spirits. And only those who worship Me come to Me. Those who are devoted to the Gods in thought, speech and body, become united to the Gods after death (351-355).

And those who take up vows of ancestral worship, go to the abode of manes at the end of their life. Those who worship petty deities and spirits, regarding them as Supreme gods, to acquire magical charms, they join them with the fall of their bodies. In this way, their acts bear fruits appropriate to their desires. My devotees, however, see Me with their eyes, hear My praise with their ears, meditate on Me with their minds and sing My praises with their tongues. They prostrate themselves before Me and perform all their acts of charity for Me alone (356-360).

Their learning is centered in Me, they are both internally and externally satisfied with Me and their entire life is dedicated to Me. Whatever little ego they have, it is to extol My Divine glory and if they care for any thing in the world, it is to know Me.