Gyaneshwari 269

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

18. Having enjoyed that vast heavenly world with their merit exhausted, they enter this mortal world. Thus by following the duties prescribed by the three Vedas and craving enjoyments, they go to heaven and come back. No sooner is their merit exhausted, their heavenly joy comes to an end and they start coming back to the mortal world. When a person has squandered his last penny on a whore, he is not permitted by her even to tap her door. Such indeed is the pitiable plight of these sacrificers. Thus those who craved for heavenly enjoyments were lost to Me, who am eternal bliss. Their ascent to the immortal world becomes fruitless, as they have to return to the mortal world in the end (326-330). Born and baked in the mother’s wombs full of muck for a period of nine months, they are born over and over again and die. As one gains a treasure in a dream, which vanishes when he wakes up, so ephemeral is the heavenly joy of these sacrificers. O Arjuna, even a master of the Vedic lore lives an empty life like the chaff which is hollow and without the grain. So all these rites prescribed by the three Vedas are utterly worthless without Me. Even if you know naught but Me, you will enjoy eternal bliss.