Gyaneshwari 264

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

14. I am the father of this universe, the mother, the supporter, the grand-sire, the holy object of knowledge, the syllable Om and the Rik, Saman and Yajus. I am the father of world, as under My inspiration this eight-fold prakriti gives rise to this entire creation. Since the image of Shiva is half male and half female, I am also the mother of this animate and inanimate world (266-270).

And that which supports the world and promotes life cannot be any other than Myself. Since both prakriti and purusha have emerged from My unconscious mind, I am the grand-sire of all three worlds, I am also the knowable, the meeting place of the four Vedas, in whose sacred abode the different paths leading to knowledge meet, where the different sects come to an understanding, where the different shastras come to know one another, where the divergent paths of knowledge coalesce, and which is, therefore, called holy. I am also that Omkara, Primeval sound, which has sprouted from the seed of the sacred temple of the manifestation of the Brahman (271-275).

I am also the three letters a, u, m, which emerged from the womb of the Omkara and which gave birth to the three Vedas. I am, therefore, the three Vedas, the Rigveda, the Yajurveda and the Samaveda, and the source of all traditions of spiritual knowledge.