Gyaneshwari 262

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

There are others who grant that there are separate but similar beings, who seem different due to their assumption of name and form. This plurality of the world, however, does not affect his unity of knowledge. Just as the limbs, although different, belong to the same body (246-250),

or the branches, big and small, belong to the same tree, or the many rays are all of them, of one and the same sun, they know that I am the Supreme unity underlying these different beings, who have assumed diverse names and forms. So, O Arjuna, even though they do believe in the diversity of the world, they still perform the Supreme knowledge-sacrifice. In their wisdom, they keep the knowledge of unity intact, because wherever they cast their eyes, they see nothing except Myself. See wherever the bubble floats, it is always in water and whether it stays or bursts, it remains in water (251-255).

When particles of dust are raised by air, they do not cease to be earthy; and when they fall down, they fall and merge in earth only. So wherever a thing with name and form exists or ceases to exist, it is always of the same nature as Brahman. I am ever all-pervading, so is their experience. Therefore, even if they are different as individual beings, they remain in union with everyone, they also remain facing the world without let or hindrance. Their knowledge remains the same, whether this or that side, just as the wind blows here, there and everywhere (256-260).

Their existence measures up to My being, which is entire and whole, and, therefore, without any effort on their part, they worship Me. Since I pervade everything, can anyone ever cease to worship Me? But since they lack true knowledge, they fail to reach Me. I have thus told you how they worship Me with knowledge-sacrifice. Whatever actions are done by all creatures, become automatically dedicated to Me; but the fools do not attain to Me for want of knowledge.