Gyaneshwari 250

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

5. Nor do beings dwell in Me; behold My Divine Yoga. Though I do not exist in them, I give them being and sustain them, If you wish to see, without misconception, my real nature beyond the prakriti, you will realize that the statement that the beings are in Me is false; because I am all this. Because in the twilight of the Divine Will, the mind’s eye becomes dim, and in that dim light although I am one, I appear to be different beings. When the dim light of that Divine Will comes to an end I appear in my true nature, as the garland, which appears like the serpent, is seen in its true form.

Else do the pitcher, pot etc. happen of their own accord? They are really fashioned by the intellect of the potter or are there mines of waves in the water of the sea? Is it not truly the work of the wind which blows on the water? So also are there bundles of cloth contained in the bales of cotton? The cotton has itself become cloth in the eyes of its wearer. When gold is turned into ornaments, it is not destroyed; it assumes the form of ornaments in the eyes of their user. The echo of the sound that we hear or the reflection in the mirror that we see is that of a real object that exists. So when a person superimposes the beings on My pure nature this superimposition is entirely due to a misconception born of Maya.