Gyaneshwari 248

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

3. Men lacking in faith in this way of knowledge, O scorcher of foes, return to the path of the mortal world without attaining to Me. O Arjuna, the udder of the cow contains milk, pure and tasty; but don’t the ticks ignore it and drink pure blood? The lotus-root and the frog live at the same place, but the bee enjoys its pollen, while the frog is left with mud. An unlucky person may have his house chests full of gold coins unknown to him, but he lives a life of penury. Likewise, though I, the fountain of bliss abide in him, a person deluded by the sense-object hankers after them (56-60).

This is like running after a mirage after spitting out nectar, or like throwing away the philosopher’s stone after finding a shell. Thus in the hurry and scurry of egoistic activity, these wretches do not reach Me and roll in pain on the banks of birth and death. If you ask Me what I am, I am like the sun always facing you, but I do not share his deficiency of being visible and invisible at times.