Gyaneshwari 247

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

2. This is the royal wisdom, the royal mystery, the best and most purifying, capable of direct perception, conforming to duty, very easy to practice and undecaying.This wisdom has achieved the highest status among knowledge, and is the sovereign among all secrets, the purest of all pure things. It is the basis of righteousness; the best among the best and it leaves no scope for further rebirth. It is ever present in the heart of every one and comes to him easily as soon as he hears it from the mouth of the spiritual teacher. One can attain this wisdom by easy steps, and when it is attained, all experience comes to an end (46-50).

Its realization, which is easy to achieve even on this shore of life, fills the heart with great happiness. Another characteristic of this wisdom is that once it is attained, it is not lost, and even if one experiences it, it does not diminish or wilt. If you reason it out and raising a doubt ask, “how has such an entity been ignored by the people? How is it that those who do not hesitate to jump into fire to earn interest at one percent per menses on their investment, have been negligent in acquiring the joy of self-knowledge? This joy of self-knowledge is pure and pleasant, easily attainable and is in accord with one’s duty and conducive to liberation (51-55). If this is so full of bliss, how is it that people have overlooked it? If such a doubt enters your mind, do not entertain it.”