Gyaneshwari 246

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

The blessed Lord said:

1. To you uncavilling, I shall declare this most profound wisdom, together with knowledge, knowing which you shall be freed from evil. O Arjuna, I am going to tell you now the seed of wisdom, which is the innermost secret of My heart. You wonder why I should open My heart before you and tell you all this (31-35),

then listen. O wise one, you are the very image of faith, and will not disregard what I have to tell you. Therefore, I do not mind revealing to you the secret and saying what I ought not to say; but I feel that I should convey to your mind what is in My heart. O Partha the teat does not taste the milk which is concealed in it; it only satisfies the calf which wants to drink it with a single-minded love. If the seed is sown in a properly ploughed land, can you say that it is completely lost? So one should freely tell one’s secret to a person who has a pure mind and refined intellect, who does not cavil at others and is solely devoted to Me (36-40).

There is not one else, who possesses these virtues so well as yourself; and, therefore, I feel that I should not withhold this secret from you. Now you must be fed up with this constant talk of secret; so I shall disclose to you this wisdom along with empirical knowledge. If genuine and counterfeit coins are mixed together, they can be determined by the application of appropriate tests. Just as a swan can separate the milk and water with its beak, so I shall distinguish between self-knowledge and phenomenal knowledge. Even as the husk is separated by a strong wind, piling a heap of grain on the ground (41-45), so this wisdom, equating mortal life with the world of name and form leads the spiritual aspirant to the state of liberation.