Gyaneshwari 244

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

Since I know that I have awakened your dormant grace by my childish prattle, I am emboldened to explain the Gita to you. Else has anyone been able to ripen moonlight under pressure, to give speed to the wind, or to cover up the sky (16-20)?

As water cannot be diluted or butter churned, so my discourse feels shy of interpreting the Gita and turns back. What ability have I, to explain in the local language, the meaning of the Gita, which has eluded the words and baffled the Vedas? But I have made bold to do this in the hope that I shall endear myself to you by this courageous act. Now fulfill my desire by giving your attention, which cools like the moonlight and enlivens one like nectar. If your glance showers its grace upon me, then my intellect will reap an abundant harvest of the meaning of the Gita. But if you are indifferent, it will wither away the sprout of my knowledge (21-25).

Please bear in mind that if you feed my eloquence with your attention, then my words will be able to bear the burden of explaining the doctrines of the Gita. Meaning will wait for the words to come out to leave its impress and intellect will flower into meaningful interpretation of the Gita.