Gyaneshwari 243

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

Who will fan the moon to keep her cool or sing before the unmanifested sound or adorn the ornaments (6-10)? What should the fragrance smell, where should the sea bathe, and where can the akasha find shelter with its big expanse? Who has got the eloquence, which will arrest your attention, and make you say with joy ‘What a fine discourse’! But can one not wave the wick light before the sun, which illumines the world, or offer a handful of water as an oblation to the sea? O saints poor that I am, I offer my homage of words to you, who are images of Lord Shankara and request you to accept them as nirgudi leaves. When the child picks up food from its father’s dish to feed him, the father willingly moves his mouth forward to have it from its hand (11-15). If I, therefore, take a little liberty with you out of childlike innocence, I hope you will bear it willingly out of affection. Since you bear me great affection and have accepted me as one of you, you will not feel the burden of my intimacy. When the calf pulls at the udder of its mother, the cow releases more milk, just so love gets an impetus from the anger of a beloved person.