Gyaneshwari 240

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

The truth is that when the jar breaks, only its form is lost; but the space inside it, has always been part of the space outside. With this knowledge, the yogi who has attained to oneness with Brahman, does not bother which path he should take (151-155).

For this reason, O Arjuna, I urge you to become possessed of Yoga, by which you will acquire equanimity at all times. Whether his bondage to the body remains or goes, his free and eternal unity with Brahman remains unaffected. He is not born at the beginning of the epoch nor dies at the end of it, nor is he tempted by the pleasures of heaven or earth. He who has attained to this knowledge properly becomes a yogi who, discarding the pleasures of life, has attained his Self, he abandons, O Arjuna, as worthless the Lordship of Indra and other gods, which receives acclaim everywhere (256-260).