Gyaneshwari 24

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Despondency of Arjuna

38. Even if they do not perceive, with minds overcome by greed, evil in the destruction of the family or sin in the betrayal of friends,

39. Why should we not think it fit to turn away from this sin, when we see clearly, O Krishna, the wrong in the destruction of the family? Even if the Kauravas infatuated by pride, have come to fight us, we must see wherein lies our well-being. How can we slay our kith and kin? How can we drink poison knowing it to be so? If by chance, we come across a lion in our way, the advantage lies in avoiding it. If we throw away light and resort to a dark well, what benefit, O Lord, do we derive thereby? If we cannot keep away from fire facing us, it will engulf us and burn us in a moment (236240).

How do we conduct ourselves, when we know fully that the sin of kin-slaughter will affect us? On that occasion Arjuna said, Lord listen to me. I shall explain how gruesome this sin is.

40. With the ruin of the family, its ancient customs decline. When these customs perish, immorality overtakes the entire family. Just as the fire, kindled by rubbing one stick with another, burns all wood, so if men belonging to the same clan kill one another, then that horrible sin destroys the whole clan through malice. As a result of this sin, family customs languish and thereby immorality, finds a home in the clan (241-245).