Gyaneshwari 239

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

27. Knowing these two paths, O Partha, the yogi in not deluded, therefore, at all times, O Arjuna, remain engrossed in Yoga. But how can one be sure by which path one will go after death? Why should one depend upon the right path for God-realization? Whether one remains in body or departs, one is of the nature of Brahman. Because even if a rope appears like a serpent, it is really a rope. Is the water ever aware of the ripples, which come and go? It remains at any time with or without ripples as water only. Therefore, those who have become Brahman while living, are known as disembodied (246-250).

There does not remain now even a trace of body-consciousness in him; then how can he die at any time? Why then, should he search for any path and where can he go, when space and time have become his very Self? Look, when the jar breaks, has the space in it, to find its way to meet the Infinite space outside? Will it otherwise miss it?