Gyaneshwari 238

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

26. For these two, the bright and the dark, are the eternal paths of the world. By one, a person does not return, by the other he returns. I have shown you these two eternal paths intentionally; one is a straight path, the other is a by-path. You should then know which is the right and which is the wrong path, what will do you good and what will cause you harm, so that you will adopt the good. If a person sees a boat, will he jump into deep water or knowing the straight road, will anyone take to a by-path (236-240)?

As a person who knows poison and nectar, will not give up nectar, so a person who knows the straight path will not choose the by-path. One should carefully examine what is true and what is false, so that one does not come to harm when the occasion arises. otherwise, if there is confusion between the paths, one may come to evil, and then all the life-long spiritual practices will come to naught. If a person, missing the path of light, goes by the path of smoke, he will be bound to the worldly existence and roam from birth to birth. In order to enable a person to escape these travail of life, I had to disclose to you these two paths of Yoga (241-245).

One of them leads to God-realization, the other to transmigration. But either of these two paths falls to one’s lot at the time of death.