Gyaneshwari 235

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

In order that this group remains alert and continues to be so till the time of death, he must receive the help of fire. O Partha, if the lamp is extinguished either by wind or water, will one be able to see anything, even if one’s sight remains intact? when the body is overtaken by an excess of wind and phlegm, the fire in the body loses its warmth at the time of death. When the prana has no life, what can the intellect do then? Therefore, consciousness does not remain in the body without warmth. If the warmth leaves the body, it is only a lump of wet clay; he will then spend the rest of his life in darkness (211-215).

Then how can he keep the remembrance of his previous yogic practice at that time and become one with the Brahman after death? At that time he loses his consciousness and all his remembrance, past and present, in the mire of phlegm. So all his yogic practice perishes even before death, just as the lamp is extinguished even before the treasure is found. In short, know that knowledge is dependent on heat of the body; therefore, it is necessary to have the help of full warmth at the time of departure.