Gyaneshwari 231

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

20. But higher than this Unmanifest, there is another being, Unmanifest and eternal, which, when all beings perish, does not perish. In this state of equilibrium, nothing does exist, nor can one say that similar or different things exist. Just as when milk turns into curds, it loses its name and form, so with the dissolution of its form the world disappears (166-170).

But it continues to exist as it was before creation. This is known as Unmanifest; when it takes shape it becomes the manifest world; the one implies the other and so they are not two different things. When the gold is melted, it is known as a bar of gold, but its bar form vanishes, when it is turned into ornaments. Just as these two modifications take place in gold, so the manifest world and the Unmanifest are the two forms of Brahman. But that Brahman is neither manifest nor unmanifest, neither eternal nor perishable, but it is the self-same pure, being beyond both modifications, abiding forever. Brahman becomes the world, but does not perish with the world, just as the meaning is not lost when the letters are erased. Look, even when the waves come and go, water remains unaffected; so this Brahman retains its imperishable form, even when beings perish. Just as gold remains even when the ornaments are melted, so even when beings die, it remains immortal.