Gyaneshwari 230

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

18. From the Unmanifest all manifestations emerge at the coming of Brahma’s Day; at the falling of Night they dissolve in that Self-same thing called the Unmanifest.

19. And this multitude of beings comes into being again and again, and dissolves helplessly, O Partha, at the coming of the Night, it is born again at the advent of the Day. When the day of Brahma dawns, then this Unmanifest manifests itself as the universe (156160).

When the Day is over, this sea of name and form dries up and when it dawns, it begins to take shape. At the beginning of autumn the clouds disappear in the sky, and at the end of summer, they begin to appear again. Likewise, at the start of the Brahma’s Day, this universe comes into being and lasts until the end of four thousand Yugas. Then when the night of Brahman starts, the universe becomes merged in the unmanifest and resumes its present form when the Night ends. My reason for telling you all this is that the origination and dissolution of the universe takes place in a Day and Night of the Brahma’s world (161-165).

See the measure of its greatness. It contains the seed of creation but becomes subject to recurrence. O Arjuna, this universe begins to expand at the beginning of the Day and then when the Night comes, it begins to dissolve in its original state. Just as the tree is contained in the seed or the cloud dissolves in the sky, so that in which this manifold universe dissolves, is known as the state of equilibrium.