Gyaneshwari 23

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Despondency of Arjuna

36. What joy shall be ours, O Krishna, by killing the Kauravas? Sin alone will dog us, if we slay these aggressors.If I were to slay these kinsmen, I shall be a hotbed of sins, and lose your company which we now have. If we cause the destruction of the family, we shall incur many sins. When and where shall we see you then? If the garden is engulfed in a big fire, the cuckoo will not tarry there even for a moment (226- 230).

Or if the chakora bird sees that the lake is full of slime, it will abandon the lake and go away. Likewise, O Lord, if my merit becomes exhausted, you will beguile us and not greet us with affection.

37. Therefore, we ought not to kill the Kauravas along with their kinsmen. Indeed, how can we be happy, O Krishna, by slaying our own people? Therefore, I will not take up the weapon in this war. This deed appears to me improper in every way. If we lose you, O Krishna, what will remain with us? Our hearts will burst with sorrow, if you will leave us. Arjuna said, “So this thing is not likely to come about that we should slay the Kauravas and enjoy ourselves (231-235).”