Gyaneshwari 229

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

16. Right from the realm of God Brahma, the worlds return again and again, O Arjuna; but after reaching Me, O son of Kunti, there is no more rebirth. Now even for the swaggering Brahma, there is no escape from birth and death. But just as the dead man cannot suffer stomach-ache, or a person, after waking up, cannot get drowned in a flood which he dreamt in sleep, so those, who have attained to Me, do not get smeared with the taint of worldly existence. Even for the eighth part of a day of Brahmaloka, which is the best among the worlds and the summit of the universe and which stands at the head of all durable things, the life of Indra does not last and fourteen Indras come and go in a Day of Brahma (151-155).

17. Those who know that the Day of Brahma ends after a thousand epochs, and that the Night also does the same, are the knowers of Day and Night. The Day of Brahma lasts for four thousand epochs, and so does his Night. Those fortunate persons who live in this world having such Days and Nights do not return to this mortal world and enjoy a long life in heaven. What can one say about the longevity of other Gods, when there are fourteen Indras in a Day of Brahmaloka? those who see with their eyes the Day and Night of Brahma, are called the knowers of day and night.