Gyaneshwari 228

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

It is an oblation offered to the crow in the form of death (136-140).

It sustains misery, enhances fear of death and is a store-house of all kinds of unhappiness. It is the source of wicked thoughts, the fruit of bad actions and the perfect embodiment of delusion. It is the basis of transmigration, the garden of passions, and the dish served for all diseases. It is the leftover food for death, or the beaten track of birth and death. It is the embodiment of delusion cast in the stuff of fancies and is, as it were, a cellar full of scorpions (141-145).

It is the den of a tiger, friendship of a whore, the means of sensual enjoyment acceptable to all. It is like the sympathy of a female goblin, like the cooled drink of poison, or like feigned friendship of a polished thief. it is like the embrace of a leper, like the softness of a deadly serpent, or like the music played by a hunter to ensnare birds and animals. It is like the hospitality of an enemy, like the (outward) respect shown by wicked men, in short, the sea of all calamities. It is like a dream seen in sleep, like a forest grown on mirage water, or the sky fashioned out of particles of smoke (146-150).

Those who have attained My infinite nature, will never be united with this body.