Gyaneshwari 227

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

In order to repay the debt due to them, I wait upon them at the time of their death. In order that My delicate devotees should not suffer the pangs of separation from the body, I keep them in the cell of self-knowledge. I keep them in the cool and quiet shade of My remembrance, so that their mind will always remain concentrated on Me. Therefore the peril of death does not affect My devotees and I bring them to Myself, safe and sound. Divesting them of the covering of their body and shedding the dust of their false pride and keeping intact their pure desires, I gather them to Me (131-135).

And since the devotees are not identified with the body, they too do not feel pain at the separation of the body. Since they have already attained to Me, they do not expect Me to meet them at the time of death and draw them to Me. Truly speaking, their existence is a mere reflection in the body, just as the moonlight, though reflected in water, remains in the moon. So I am easy to attain for those who are constantly absorbed in Yoga, and they become one with Me without doubt after death. This body, O Partha, is a bower of trees in the form of afflictions. It is the pan of live coals in the form of three kinds of miseries.