Gyaneshwari 226

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

14. He who constantly thinks of Me, without thought for another, I am easy to attain, O Partha, for that ever controlled yogin.

15. After reaching Me, the great souls do not get rebirth, the abode of impermanent pain; (for) they have reached the highest perfection. Those who have renounced sensual pleasures and restrained their senses, they keep Me in their heart and enjoy bliss. While enjoying this bliss, they do not feel hunger and thirst, then who cares for the poor senses such as the eyes (121-125)?

If even those who have become united with Me heart and soul, and worship Me after becoming one with Me, have to remember Me at the time of death for Me to go to their help, then of what use is their worship? O Partha, When a needy person in danger invokes Me for help, don’t I feel distressed and hasten to give him relief? And, if I give My devotees the same treatment, who will hanker after Me? Therefore, do not entertain this doubt in your mind. if I were to run to them only when they remember Me, I will not be able to endure the obligation, which I owe to them (126130).