Gyaneshwari 219

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

5. Whoever departs casting off his body, thinking of Me alone, at the time of death, he attains to My State without doubt. What I had told you so far is known as Adhiyajna. Those who know Me as Adhiyajna from beginning to end, regard the body as a cloak and remain in Me, as the hermitage filled with space, remains in space (56-60).

Since they have entered the room of conviction in the bosom of experience, they do not remember worldly matters. When they become one with Me both externally and internally, the scales of the five gross elements drop down without his knowledge. When he is not aware of his body while dwelling in it, how will he feel pain when it drops down? His experience remains firm even at the time of death. This experience is cast in the image of unity, set in the frame of eternity and so washed clean in the ocean of oneness with Me, that it does not get soiled again. When a jar immersed in deep water breaks, does the water inside and outside of it split into two (61-65)?