Gyaneshwari 212

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

How have I been deceived by their external form! They are not words but the folds of akasha. Even if my intellect were to take a dip in them, it would not be able to fathom them (191-195).”

With these thoughts, Arjuna turned his gaze towards the Lord, and the great warrior began to entreat him. He said, “O Lord, these seven words are uncommon and untested. Can one comprehend philosophic truths by merely hearing words without concentration? Now your discourse in not simple. Even astonishment became amazed seeing this string of words. When their rays entered my heart through the windows of my ears, my attention slipped because of stupor (196-200).

I long to know the meaning of these words and cannot brook any further delay. Therefore, O Lord, explain them to me without loss of time.”