Gyaneshwari 210

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

29. They, who resorting to Me, strive for freedom from old age and death, know all about Brahman, the Self and action in its entirely. O Partha, When one strives with faith to put an end to birth and death (174-175),

then his effort brings him the fruit of God - realization from which oozes the juice of perfection. When he attains fulfillment, he sees the world as full of joy, and his desire for self-realization is satisfied. Then his activity stops and his mind rests in peace. Then, O Arjuna, he soon realizes the Self, as he invests Me as capital in his spiritual undertaking. With increase in his equanimity, he acquires the wealth of unity with Brahman, and then does not experience the penury of dualism.

30. They who know Me as Supreme over elements, deities and sacrifice, also know Me, with minds controlled, even at the time of departure from this world. Those who knowing My essential nature as Adhibhuta through experience, comprehend My Divine state (176-180);

and when they come to know Me by way of understanding as the Lord of sacrifice, they are not affected by the separation of the body. Otherwise when the thread of life is likely to snap, the living beings become agitated about their impending death. Seeing them, even those who are not going to die, feel that the end of the world has arrived. But I know not how, those who are devoted to Me, do not part from Me even at the time of departure.