Gyaneshwari 208

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

25. Nor am I revealed to everyone, being veiled by Maya; this deluded world knows Me not as unborn and eternal.Being blinded by the film of the Adimaya over their eyes, they do not see Me through attachment to the body, though I am the light. Else is there anything in which I do not reside? Is there any water without taste? Is there anyone who is not touched by the breeze? Is there anything not enveloped by space? I alone abide in this world (156-160).

26. I know the beings that are past, those that are present and those that are yet to come, but no one knows Me, O Arjuna. O Arjuna, I remained in all creatures that have been: I am also in those who exist at this time. Those who are going to come in the future are not separate from Me. In reality nothing is born and nothing dies. No one can conceive of the creatures because of their unreality, just as no one can say whether the serpent superimposed on the rope is black, grey or of wheat color. In this way, O son of Pandu, I abide ever in these creatures. But it is a different story why they are involved in this worldly existence. I shall tell you in brief this story, when egoism fell in love with the body (161-165), please listen.