Gyaneshwari 207

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

24. The ignorant think of Me the unmanifest, as having manifestation, not knowing My Supreme nature, unchanging and unsurpassed. But the ordinary men do not act thus and lose their good. They wish to swim by taking water in their hand. Why should a person take a dip in the sea of nectar and keep his mouth shut and yearn to drink from a dirty pond?

Why should he not take a dip in the sea of nectar and become immortal after drinking nectar? Why, O Arjuna, does he not leave the cage of desire and rise freely in the sky on the wings of experience? Why does he not soar high happily in the sky of self, which has spread allaround in its full glory (151-155)?

Why does he try to measure Me, who am limitless, regard Me who am formless as become manifest, and take the trouble to please Me by external means, when I dwell in their heart. But if you ask Me, O son of Pandu, such questions do not find favor with anyone.