Gyaneshwari 191

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Wisdom and Knowledge

5. This is (my) inferior nature; other than this know My higher nature, O mighty armed (Arjuna); consisting of living beings, by which this world is upheld. My higher Prakriti is the state of equilibrium of these eight parts; this is also known as Jivabhuta as it gives life to the insentient (body), enlivens the intellect and makes the mind experience grief and delusion (16-20).

The intellect owes its intelligence to the contact with this higher Maya and the egoism resulting from her, sustains the world.

6. Know that all beings have this prakriti as their womb; of this universe I am the origin as also the dissolution. When this subtle prakriti becomes united with the gross, then the creation (minting) of beings in this world, starts. The dice which produces these beings, bears four stamps and although they have the same worth, they are of different species. These species number eighty-four lakhs and their collection is unlimited. The inner sanctum of the Adimaya is filled with the coins of these creatures. In this manner the Adimaya produces such countless number of coins of the same worth from the five great elements and she alone is able to keep a count of them (21-25).

The coins, which she multiplies after testing them, she melts them later; in the meantime she keeps them engaged in action. If we leave aside this figure of speech, in plain words I can say that this prakriti alone lays out this diversity of name and form. As this prakriti is a reflection of mine and nothing else, I alone am the cause of the origin, the middle state and the dissolution of the world.