Gyaneshwari 179

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



31. He who worships Me in all beings established in unity, in whatever condition he lives, that yogi dwells in Me. He sees me everywhere with the feeling of unity like yarn in cloth. Just as the ornaments of different forms are made of gold only, he has a steady conviction that all things in this world are one. Or just as although the leaves are different they belong to a single tree, in the same way when the sun of non-dualism dawns, the night of ignorance vanishes (396400).

How then can the yogi dwelling in a body made up of the five elements remain confined in it? For he has attained to equality with Me because of his experience of the Self. When he has realised My all-pervasive nature through his experience, he naturally becomes all pervading without My saying so. Even though he dwells in the body, he does not feel any attachment towards it. How can this thing be made clear through the medium of words?

32. He who, in comparison with himself, O Arjuna, sees alike (as his own) the happiness or sorrow of every being is deemed the best yogi. This much should suffice in the matter. He ever views the universe, both movable as well as immovable, as himself and does not make any distinction between emotions such as pleasure and pain, or between actions as good and bad (401-405).

He regards all odd and even feelings and multiform things as his limbs form one body. In short, he experiences that he is all the three worlds and although he is regarded by the people according to their popular usage as possessing a body, he is still of the very form of Brahman because of his experience. Therefore, O Arjuna, you should develop in your self equanimity, by which you will view the entire universe as yourself. For this reason, I have been stressing time and again that there is not better thing in this world than equanimity (406-410).