Gyaneshwari 178

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



28. Constantly applying his mind thus, the yogi who is free from stain, enjoys with ease the infinite bliss of contact with Brahman. In this way, several persons have, by adopting this method of Yoga and renouncing desire, attained self-realisation and oneness with Brahman. Just as salt having come into contact with water cannot be separated from it, such is the state achieved by the embodied Self when he becomes one with Brahman. Then he feels as if the world is the temple of unity and the people are celebrating the festival of lights. In this manner, one should turn one’s face in the reverse direction towards one’s original state (the Self). But if you find this also difficult, then please listen; I shall tell you another way (386-390).

29. Absorbed in meditation, he sees the Self in all beings and all beings in the Self and sees the same everywhere.

30. He who sees Me everywhere and sees all beings in Me - I am not lost to him nor is he lost to Me. Entertain no doubt about the fact that I dwell in all bodies and that all beings also live in me. You must grasp the notion that this world and all the beings therein are mutually connected. So my devotees, O Arjuna, see Me in all creatures with the feeling of unity and worships Me with equanimity. He sees me alike in all beings without distinction, although these seem many and different. Then it becomes needless to say that he and Myself are one (391-395).

Just as the lamp and its light are one, so he exists in me and I exist in him. Just as there is fluidity in water or vacuity in the sky, such a yogi abides in a form like Mine.