Gyaneshwari 177

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



25. Gradually he should cease from action by means of his intellect sustained by steadiness; and fixing the mind on the self, he should think of nothing else.

26. From wherever the mind wanders, fickle and unsteady, by restraining it there from, he should bring it under his control. If the intellect has the strong support of fortitude, it brings the mind gradually on the path of self-realisation and establishes it in the temple of the Supreme Self. If this cannot be done, then I shall tell you another easy way, please listen. We should first make a rule and resolve not to deviate from it (376-380).

if the mind becomes steady by means of this rule, then it has served its purpose. If this does not happen, the mind should be left to itself. Wherever then this uncontrolled mind wanders, it should be arrested from there and brought back. In this way, it will gradually become steady of its own accord.

27. Supreme bliss comes to the yogi whose mind is at peace, whose passion has subsided and who is stainless and has become one with Brahman. When the mind remains steady for a long time, it gets near the Self and when it perceives the true Self, becomes one with it. Then the duality merges into unity, and all the three worlds become radiant in the light of this unity. As when the clouds scatter, there remains the allpervading sky (381-385),

so when the mind becomes merged in the Self, the whole world becomes permeated by the radiant light of the Self. By this way, it is possible to achieve selfrealisation without much effort.