Gyaneshwari 160

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



O Arjuna, the aspirant should find a spot of this description and locate therein a secret cave of Shiva Temple. He should choose whichever he finds congenial, and remain seated there in a secluded place (176-180).

After seeing whether he can keep his mind steady there, he should select a suitable seat. Then he should place one below the other a clean cloth, a deer skin and a mat of kusha grass. The kusha grasses must be soft and similar and they should be so joined that they keep together. If the seat is too high, the body will feel shaky and if it is too low, it will be affected by the defects of the ground (such as dampness, insects etc.). It should therefore, be placed at a reasonable height and the seat should be as described above (181-185).

12. Seated there in that seat, making his mind one-pointed, and controlling the functions of his mind and senses, he should practise meditation for the purification of the mind. Then he should concentrate his mind after remembering the Guru. When he remembers the Guru with reverence, his mind becomes full of sattva quality and his egoism loses its strength. He will then be oblivious to the sense-objects, his senses will lose their vigour, and the mind will settle down in the heart. He should remain on that spot until the mind becomes united with the heart, and when he becomes conscious of it, he should take the seat. Then when he holds his body erect and controls his breath, he gains superb experience (186-190).