Gyaneshwari 16

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


Despondency of Arjuna

20. The ape-bannered Arjuna saw Dhritarashtra’s sons in battle array, and when the flight of missiles was about to start, he lifted his bow. There the heroic car-warriors, full of valour, who were present, again brought their army units under control. Then they marched forward with such preparation and vehemence that the three worlds became panic-stricken (161-165).

The archers there sent such a volley of arrows that they seemed like the uncontrollable clouds of deluge. Arjuna saw them with great satisfaction and cast his glance hurriedly at both the armies. When he saw the Kauravas ready for battle, he lifted his bow with great ease.

21. And he uttered, O King, these words to Krishna, “Please place my chariot, O Krishna, between two armies”, At that time Arjuna said, “O Lord, please take our chariot quickly and place it in the midst of the two armies”,