Gyaneshwari 158

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



The great sages also traversed this path and became adepts (siddhas) and becoming enlightened they attained eminence. Those who tread this path, forget hunger and thirst, and do not know when the day ends and the night comes and vice versa. Wherever they step, they find an open mine of salvation, and even if they go off the path, they gain happiness in heaven. By taking the path of activity, they reach the path of inaction and continue their steady progress on this path. When they reach the goal, they come to realize that they are the goal. But why should I tell you all this? You will come to know it by and by (156-160).

Then Partha said, “O Lord, when will you explain this Yoga to me and rescue me from this sea of anxiety in which I am plunged.” The Lord replied : Why are you talking so impatiently? I was on the point of explaining it to you when you asked me.

He said to himself, ‘Whatever he does now, he will reap its fruit. If I instruct him in the practice of Yoga, it will not go waste’. With this thought, Lord Krishna said on that occasion: Arjuna, listen very carefully to this royal path. In this path, the tree of activity is laden with thousand fruits of inactivity. Lord Shiva is still a pilgrim treading this path. Some yogis, taking the bypath, they came to this straight path of knowledge and made great strides therein (151-155).