Gyaneshwari 157

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



If you show me your kindness, I shall even attain union with Brahman. No matter what you tell me, I shall gladly practise it. Even though I have not fully comprehended your talk, I immensely value it and shall be thrilled to attain that greatness. Lord, will you extend me this favour and make me fit for it?” The Lord smiled and said, ‘Yes, I will do that for you’. Until one attains bliss, one experiences sorrow now and then, but after its attainment, what else would he want? Moreover, a servant of God can easily become one with Brahman. See how fortune has brought abundant harvest to Arjuna (141-145).

He, whom Indra and other gods could not attain even after thousand births, has become amenable to Arjuna that he will not deny him anything. When Arjuna said that he would like to become one with Brahman, the Lord heard it all. He thought to himself, ‘Since Arjuna is longing to become Brahman, dispassion has entered his understanding’. Just as a tree not fully grown bends with a profusion of blooms in spring, so Arjuna is sure to blossom into the state of oneness with Brahman. Lord Krishna was convinced that Arjuna had become so full of dispassion that he would attain before long union with Brahman (146-150).