Gyaneshwari 156

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Then the hearers said: ‘How lucky we are! What superb diction! Its elegance exceeds even the melody of seven notes of music’. Is it not amazing that this diction in the local language should leave on the mind an impress of the seven sentiments (rasas)? The knowledge embodied in it shines like the moonlight and the import of the verses pleases like the night-blooming lotuses. It made even the saintly hearers full of desire so that they became enrapt with inner bliss and began to reel (131-135).

Perceiving their state of mind, Jnanadeva, the disciple of Nivritti said, ‘Please listen, the sun in the form of Lord Krishna shed light on the Pandvas. Devaki bore him in her womb, Yashoda reared him with great effort, but ultimately he went to the aid of the Pandavas’. Arjuna was so fortunate that he did not even have to serve him for long. Then the hearers said, ‘Enough of this digression, continue the story’. Then Jnanadeva continued: Arjuna, thereafter, accosted Lord Krishna thus: “O Lord, I do not possess these characteristics, but I could attain that capability through your instruction (136-140).