Gyaneshwari 153

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



9. He excels who has equal consideration for well wishers, friends, foes and the neutral, for mediators, for hateful men and relations, and for good men and sinners too. Then how will he believe in the strange distinction between an ally and an enemy, an indifferent person and a friend? When he realizes that he is one with the world, then who is whose brother and who is whose enemy (91-95)?

How can he view anything as petty or grand? How can the touch of the philosopher’s stone produce different qualities of gold? Just as it will produce only pure gold, his intellect will find unity in animate and inanimate things. Even as different ornaments are fashioned out of gold, all worldly things having different shapes have emerged from Brahman. When this full knowledge is attained by him, he is not deceived by the diversity of creation. Just as a close look shows that cloth is made of yarn, he perceives nothing but Brahman in this world (96-100).

He attains equanimity when he reaches this conviction on the basis of experience, which is true knowledge. He is a prince among holy men whose sight gives satisfaction and whose company grants Brahmahood even to the deluded. His words enliven religion, his mere glance produces miraculous powers, and heavenly pleasures etc. are mere toys, which he can gift away. A person who remembers him by chance receives this capability from him. In short, to praise and honour him confers great benefit.