Gyaneshwari 151

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



7. Of him who has subdued his mind and is tranquil, his higher (embodied) self becomes poised in heat and cold, pleasure and pain, as also in honour and dishonour.

8. He who is satisfied with wisdom and knowledge, who has steadily subdued his senses, who regards a clod, a stone and a gold bar the same, that yogi is said to be absorbed in Yoga. To him who has subdued his mind and stilled his desires, the Supreme Self is not distant as to others. As with the separation of baser metal, gold becomes pure, so in the absence of desire the embodied self becomes one with Brahman. When the pot is destroyed, the space therein does not have to go to another place to merge with the akasha, so when the ego is destroyed root and branch, the embodied self remains in his pristine all-pervasive form. Then the sensations of cold and heat or thoughts of pleasure and pain or words of praise and blame do not affect him (81-85).