Gyaneshwari 149

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



4. When one is not attached to actions, or to the objects of senses, and has renounced all volition, then he is said to have ascended Yoga. When the yogi remains in the linear chamber of wisdom, the sense objects do not enter the region of the senses. His mind does not become agitated by pleasure and pain and conscious of the sense-objects even if they are present before him. Even when his organs of actions become active and undertake actions, his mind does not hanker after their fruit. Even if he remains awake in his body, he is as if dead to the world; know then without doubt that he has ascended Yoga (61-65).

Then Arjuna said. “Lord, I am surprised to hear all this. Please tell me who gives him this capacity.”

5. He should raise himself up through the self (mind) and never debase himself; for verily mind alone is his friend, and mind alone is his enemy. Lord Krishna said with a smile, “I am surprised at your talk. In this non-dual state, who can give what and to whom? When the embodied self sleeps on the bed of delusion in ignorance, he experiences the bad dream of life and death. When he suddenly wakes up, this dream vanishes and he apprehends the reality as nothing else but his own self. Therefore, O Arjuna, one brings about his own doom by identifying oneself falsely with his body (66-70).