Gyaneshwari 147

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



The blessed Lord said:

1. Whoever performs his duty without desire for its fruit, is a true renouncer and yogi, and not one who does not kindle the sacred fire and performs other’s duties. Know that renunciation and Yoga are non-different. If you reflect upon them, you will find them one and the same. If you discard the apparent difference based on two different names, you will see that Yoga is renunciation and not different from the standpoint of true knowledge (36-40).

Just as the same person is known by two different names or the same place can be reached by two different paths, or the same water is filled in different pots, know the Yoga and renunciation differ in the same way. Arjuna, all are agreed that he alone is yogi who performs actions but is not attached to their fruits. Just as the earth produces plants without any selfsense and does not expect the reward of fruits given by them, so by aid of his wisdom and according to his caste (41-45),

he performs properly, actions which come his way without egoistic feeling and without hankering after their fruit, O Partha believe me, he is a renouncer as well as a great yogi. Otherwise, whoever thinks of renouncing his lawful duties as leading to bondage and embarks upon other actions, becomes distracted in vain like a person who, out of obduracy, washes one stain only to soil himself again. Though the householder’s lot has fallen upon him, he gives it up and takes on the burden of a renunciate (46-50).

Therefore, when a person does not cross the boundary of action by performing sacrificial rites, the joy of Yoga greets him of its own accord.