Gyaneshwari 143

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



You already know what I was going to ask you; so kindly explain whatever you have said. This path of Yoga is easy to follow, like crossing the river by a ford instead of swimming (161-165).

Though this Yoga is attainable after a long time, it is easier than Sankhyayoga for weaklings like me. Therefore, recount it to me once more so that I can grasp it; even if it leads to repetition, explain it to me thoroughly.” Then Lord Krishna said, “Has this path appealed to you so much? What does it matter? I shall be glad to repeat it, since you are so eager to hear it. O Arjuna, you listen well and practice what you hear. Then why should I hesitate to explain it to you?” Already the Lord had the heart of a mother talking to her dear son. How can one fathom that strange affection (166-170)?

One can call it the rain of tender sentiment or the unfoldment of wonderful love; how can I praise enough that compassionate gaze of Shri Hari? It was, as it were, filled with nectar or infatuated by the wine of love; and because of this it could not free itself from the affection of Arjuna. If I were to expatiate upon this affection, it will only end up with a lengthy discourse without fully describing that affection. Then of what use is this empty talk? Who can measure the Lord, who has not been able to take a measure of himself? From the trend of his talk it appeared to me that he was clearly infatuated. Under that influence he said, “Listen, my friend (171-175)

O Arjuna, by whatever means I can enlighten your mind, I shall use those means to explain to you about this Yoga i.e., what is its use and who are qualified to practice it. Whatever is proper in this regard, I shall tell you all. Listen with attention.” With this statement what Lord Krishna said forms the subject matter of next chapter. Jnanadeva, disciple of Nivritti, will describe, in clear terms, Lord Krishna’s instruction, how to attain this Yoga without giving up contact with the world (176-180).