Gyaneshwari 139

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



23. Whoever can endure here itself, before leaving the body, the rush of desire and anger, is a yogi, a happy man. The men of wisdom do not even talk about the sense-objects, since in their very body they have triumphed over body-consciousness. Then they are not even conscious of the external objects, because they have found real happiness within (126-130).

They, however, enjoy it differently, not as the birds kiss the fruits; at that time they even forget that they are enjoyers.

The state of mind, which arises at that time, destroys the veil of ego-sense; and they grasp the bliss and hold it in a firm embrace. Then they become one with it, as water mixing with water does not remain separate, or as with the disappearance of the wind in the sky, their separate existence ceases. Then bliss alone remains in its own form at the time of that union. When the talk of dualism ceases and only one remains, then who is there to witness this oneness (131-135)?