Gyaneshwari 135

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



18. On a Brahmin endowed with learning and humility, on a cow and on an elephant, a dog and an outcaste, the wise look on equally. Then how will they have the notion that this is a gnat or an elephant, an outcaste or a Brahmin, mine or another’s son, a cow or a dog, and great or small? How can one awake see a dream? One would see distinction so long as egoism lasts. When it has already ceased, how can the notion of distinction survive (91-95)?

19. On this very earth, rebirth is conquered by them whose mind rests on equality. For Brahman is flawless and the same (to all), and so they remain established in Brahman. He who sees equality in all things has already become non-dual Brahman. Know that this is the secret of equanimity. Without relinquishing the sense objects and tormenting the senses, he experiences non-attachment without desire. With the support of ordinary people, he remains engaged in public affairs, but casting away ignorance of the ordinary men. Just as a ghost remains amongst people without being seen, he is not recognised by the world, although he dwells in the body. Just as when water is kissed by the wind, it dances on water and gets a different name, namely a wave (96-100),

so he bears a name and a form, but he has truly become Brahman, in as much as his mind has attained equanimity towards all. The Lord said, O Arjuna, I shall tell you in brief the characteristics possessed by a person with equable mind.