Gyaneshwari 134

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



16. But to those whose ignorance of the Self is destroyed by wisdom, this wisdom, shining like the sun, reveals the Supreme.With the destruction of ignorance the darkness of ignorance clears away, and then the inactive nature of the Lord becomes manifest. If one is convinced that the Lord is inactive, then it is established that I am He, from the beginning. When this discrimination dawns on his mind, how can he then see distinctions in this world? From his own experience he knows that the world too is free from them (81-85),

just as when the sun rises in the east it lights that region and makes the other quarters too free from darkness.

17. With their mind and intellect directed to Him, founded in Him and devoted to Him, they go (to the abode) from which there is no return; for they have cleansed their sins by wisdom. When they become convinced about the knowledge of the Self, regarding themselves as of the very nature of Brahman and remain dedicated to it day and night, then the all-pervasive wisdom comes seeking them. What more can I say about their equable nature? What is surprising if we say that they see the world like themselves? Just as good fortune does not even in fun suffer impoverishment, nor does discriminating knowledge recognise delusion (86-90),

nor does the sun discern the nature of darkness even in a dream, nor does nectar hear about the story of death, nor does the moon become conscious of heat, so these wise men do not see distinction among beings.