Gyaneshwari 133

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



14. The Lord creates for the people neither agency nor action, nor the union of action and its fruit. But it is the nature that acts. If you reflect upon God, he is seen to be inactive, but he seems to have created this panorama of the universe. If you call him the agent, he is not touched by action; and since he is indifferent to it, his hands and feet remain unaffected, nor is his yogic sleep or actionlessness affected. Even then he raises the group of gross elements. He dwells in all creatures, but does not belong to them; and he is not conscious whether the universe has come into being or ceased.

15. The Lord does not take on himself anybody’s sin or merit. Wisdom is obscured by ignorance, whereby creatures get deluded. He is not conscious of merit or sin, though they are close to him; he does not witness them, leave alone other things (76-80).

The Lord incarnates himself and sports with his body, but his formless nature is not affected thereby. When people say that he creates supports and destroys moving and non-moving things, it is only due to ignorance, O Arjuna.